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A Word from Fr. Bedros

God sent His only-begotten Son to the world in order to illuminate the world from darkness and toward truth. Many people think they can find the road toward truth without God. When we ask the question, “what do you want from this life?” many will answer things such as winning the lottery or attaining happiness and so on.

If someone would offer us five million dollars for one eye, would we say “yes?” Does one of our eyes have any monetary value? It is the same with our faith. Without a Christ centered life, darkness will eventually fill the void that we seek to fill. We need the light that has an eternal value rather than the things that are for the moment or temporary.

Jesus said, “the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light” (John 3:19). Why is this so? Because it is easier to take the opposite path in life which seems more natural or easier to us.

People find that the Christian lifestyle seems difficult to follow. “What? Forgive my enemies?! Place my trust in God?! I already know what my needs are!” and so on. Jesus told us He is the truth and the life and the only path to salvation (John 14:6). Let us accept Him.

Fr. Bedros